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Our 1 Post Is….


Taipei Taiwan!!! I am so excited to move to Taiwan!! For those of you who did not know My first choice was Nairobi Kenya. I was disappointed when they called that one and they did not say my dads name but I am so excited to go to Taiwan!


Washington D.C. Update


Wow it has been almost 2 weeks! A lot has happened since then. We have done a ton of stuff here! We have done the Air and Space Museum, Natural History, Art Museum and American History! We also have been in the capital building ( which was awesome!) and the National Archives building. We saw the declaration of Independence and the Constitution and it was so cool to actually see what I have been learning about for the last year! It has been a long 2 weeks! In 23 hours we will know where and when we will be going! I am so excited!  If you had to pick any where in the world to live where would it be? Why? I really hope that we go to Africa! You might say that it is crazy, but just think about all of the cool stuff  you can do! I also hope that the High School we go to has a Basketball team! I will be crushed if it does not! Well thats all for now!

Washington D.C.


Wow!!! We are finally in Washington D.C.!   We got our bid list today and my top choice is on it! I am so excited!! So far we have been to the National Zoo ( which is not as cool as i thought it would be) and we have settled in to our new apartment! We have a very weird room situation. My parents are in a 1 room and on the other side of the hall me and my 2 brothers and little sister are in a 2 room apartment. It is very odd! Last night we went to George Town Cupcake which is the cupcake shop off of the show on TLC called D.C. Cupcakes! The cupcakes were so good! They were not kidding when they said that the line goes all the way up the street it was crazy!! Well thats all for now!