Monthly Archives: October 2010

Inventory, Chinese and moving day!


Wow this week has been crazy!! So first of all we are still working on our Chinese, which is interesting. Every time we get in the car to go some where my mom turns on this tape and we do another lesson. The lessons are usually about an hour and I think it is really helping our Chinese!
Then this week we also found out the day that we are moving. 😦 It was pretty scary to know the exact day and I am starting a count down. I still can’t decide if I am excited or scared or happy or sad. I guess it is a mish mosh of all of those feelings, oh well.
Last but not least my least favorite thing, inventory. When I heard that we had to do inventory back in July I thought oh this will be fine it won’t take that long. Boy was I wrong. My mom does most of it but last week I did all if my cloths and shoes and it took 2 days! I did not know that I had that many items of clothing!( for those of you who don’t know what goes into inventory you have to take pictures of every single thing! Then you have to put it into this computer program and fill out all this info about it) I will be so glad when this whole move is over and done with!


Daddy I love you Daddy I do


Well if there are some people out there who wonder how some families can get along with out their dad  all i have to say is that we dont! We all have problems and there are some days where we just all sit in our rooms and think about the happy times that are to come when he gets to come home for a day or two! It is so weird  just talking to him on the computer or on the phone! He makes fun of me all the time because half of the time that we call him it has to do with computer questions!

Whenever I talk to my friends and they talk about how mad they are because there dad yelled at them or he took their phone I just want to shake them and say how lucky they are to have a dad at home! I feel like I never appreciated my dad but know and i regret all those times that i declined his offers to go to the store with him. Just so you know my dad is not dead! He is just in training and we get to see him about once a month.  Well all i want to say now is Daddy I love you Daddy I do !

My life for now!


A lot has happened in the last 2 months! I feel like me life has turned upside down. After we found out we were moving to Taiwan there was a lot of scrambling! We have started to learn Chinese! Which by the way is very hard. We also have been talking to people who are actually living on the mountain that we could be potentially be living on! It will be good to be around mountains because when we were in Washington D.C. I missed my Utah mountains so much! Any way we also have been with out my dad for the last 2 months! It has been so hard! But he gets to come home every month and we always do really fun things as a family! Well thats my life for now!