Monthly Archives: December 2010



We made it! Oh my goodness we made it to Taiwan! I love it here! The trip here was very long but luckily all of our luggage got here and so did we! A lot has changed in the time that we have been here.  We have moved into our house and it is so cool! There are only two bad things about it: 1 me and my sister have to share a room for a little while. 2 We only have one laptop and it is the only thing that can get on the internet or be used to watch movies. But other than those two things it is Awesome!

This past weekend a girl from our neighborhood took us down into Taipei on the bus! It was the first time that I have been on a city bus and it was insane! It is pretty fun at the same time! While we were in the city we found our school, an awesome burger place and a store that has Italian food!( we always do a big Italian dinner on Christmas and we were worried that would not happen, but since we found the Italian food it will happen) I loved going into the city and seeing all of the shops and things like that! We also went into this huge mall! It had 7 floors! You dont see that in Utah!

Also this week is Christmas! Oh i love Christmas, but at my house it does not feel like Christmas! The only Christmas decor that we have is a little strand of snowflakes that is suppose to remind us of Utah snow.( it is not working) We are waiting for our shipment to come that has all of our Christmas stuff in it! If that does not get here by Christmas, Christmas might be a little late this year! Oh well at least we made it to Taiwan!