The Public Bus


So every morning I get up at 5 30 and go to early morning seminary ( a class that I take through my church) The class is at my school which is nice, but the school is a 30 – 45 minute ride on the public bus.

Now, when you get on the bus that early in the morning one of two things can happen:

a: There will be hardly anybody on the bus and everything goes perfectly.

b: The bus is super crowded and half the people on the bus are a little crazy.

The other day me and friend were riding the bus and a random Chinese man came up to us and asked if he could take our picture. I turned to my friend ( who has been living here for about 10 years) and asked if that happens a lot and she said that, that was the first time that, that had ever happened to her. So we let this random man take our picture.

Another experience that seems to happen a lot is this: We get on the bus and a couple of stops later a man gets on the bus. He came up to me and two of my friends and asked if we spoke Chinese. I said a little and he proceeded to talk to me in Chinese. Now the only Chinese word that I know are: Nihao and Xie Xie. These mean hello and Thank You. So I just gave him a blank stare. After a couple of minutes of him talking to me and me not understanding he asked me and my friends if he could touch our hair! I was so creped out! Luckily it was our stop and we hurried and got off the bus. When we got off the bus my friend told me that you never tell a Chinese person you speak Chinese. Lesson Learned.


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  1. People used to try to touch my hair all the time too! Or stare at my blue eyes. I cut all my hair off (it is blonde and was to my waist) when I went on my mission to Kaohsiung. Just easier.

    It sounds like you and your friend really have it together. Not many people have “going to seminary” stories like that!

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