Monthly Archives: May 2011

Going Home to Utah


Yes this summer we are going to back to Utah. I miss Utah so much and i am very excited to go back! I have had a countdown clock on my laptop for some time now so as you can tell I miss Utah a lot. Moving here to Taiwan has made me think about the things that I miss in Utah so here are my top 5:

1- Snow. This may sound a little crazy for those of you who have 6 inches of snow outside your door for 6 months out of the year, but when you live somewhere where there is no snow at all you begin to miss it.  My favorite memories of the snow are going sledding at our local church and then going home and drinking hot chocolate by our fake fire place. Or waking up on Christmas morning and seeing a fresh layer of snow that has not been touched. These things are what make winters so fun and magical.

2- Food. Chinese food can be good but it can also be very scary. One day we were walking through a local night market and we saw a lady with a live turtle in her hand cut off its head and throw it into a pot. Now that was scary. Things like this seem to happen a lot.

I miss walking down to the wal-mart and getting all the candy and junk that i wanted. Now we go to our local Wellcome ( yes the store is called Wellcome, with 2 L’s) and they have some American stuff but it is always expensive and not very fresh. Another thing is the Utah Tomato’s. Utah has AMAZING tomato’s in August and September. During those months all we would eat were BLT’s, Bagels with cream cheese and tomato’s and tons of fresh Salsa. Tomato’s, to me are like summer. But the tomato’s here are hard and kind of gross so we don’t eat a whole lot of them.

3- Friends. Since i lived in Utah for almost my whole life, naturally i miss my friends. When we left i was on the Jr. High basketball team, on Student Council and part of a audition choir. So i am really excited to see all of those people again.

4- Family. Almost all of our family lives in Utah. Since we have lived here in Taipei we were lucky enough to have my dads cousins come and my cousin. We had a lot of fun but going back and seeing all of my cousins will be really fun!

5- English. I miss being around people that only speak English. No offense to all of you people out there who learned English as their second language but it is nice being around people who dont know another language. I also miss people that we meet on the streets knowing English. Believe me i have played enough games of charades to last a life time.

So as you can tell i am very excited to go home and I cant wait!