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So living in a big city means that there are a ton of taxi’s. They are everywhere. They also come in a wide variety of very nice, to very scary. ¬†When we are in America i hate taking taxi’s because i think that they are just playing scary. But here in Taipei the drivers are nice and they generally dont rip you off. They are also very cheap.

So after our last exam at school, My friends and I decided to go to the American club and go swimming. We swam and ate really good food. It was pretty fun. Afterwards we were going to go out to eat but i had to go back home because we were having a neighborhood goodbye party. So as i left my friends i got into the taxi told him where to go and we set off.

So when I get into a taxi I just say “Yangmingshan” and he knows right where to go and then usually he does not say another word to me. One day a taxi driver tried to give me a Chinese lesson, but he failed miserably. One thing that does happen quite often is if there is someone in the car who can communicate with the driver he will ask if i have a boyfriend. I also laugh and say no and usually that is where the story ends. But not this time.

This taxi driver asked if i had a boyfriend, i said no, and then he proceeded to ask for my phone number. I was very freaked out. I said no and that my dad would not like that. Then he told me that he was a nice guy. So after this very creepy conversation I had him stop a little ways from my house and then i ran the rest of the way home.

So after this i made up a new life story for taxi drivers. It goes like this: I go to the European school, my dad works for the CIA and has a gun, and i do have a boyfriend ( none of this is true i swear)

So even though i had this very creepy experience i still had to take a taxi home the very next day and nothing bad happened. ( but I think my dad was a little freaked out by this whole thing)