Monthly Archives: August 2011

Fortune tellers Alley


On Saturday my dad decided that we were going to go on an adventure. After much contemplating we decided to go to this confusion temple. The temple was really cool. We got this little old lady to explain some stuff to us and it was cool to know what the different rituals meant. After we went to the temple we sent off to find the fortune tellers alley.

This is an underground street that is full of fortune tellers. As we were walking through people kept asking us if we wanted to have our fortune told but we said no and kept walking. The whole time my dad kept saying that if would be so cool if one of us had our fortune told. But me and my mom just kept pointing at each other and so neither of us did it. Until the end. We got to one of the very last fortune tellers and there was a sign that said that she knew English. Then my dad said that he would pay for me to get my fortune told. I was a little freaked out but I said yes.

So we went into this little tiny stand and she read my palms. She said that I have a very long lifeline, but i would get sick and would need lots of medicine. Then she read my marriage line. She said that i wouldn’t get married until I was 35 and if I got married before that we would fight a lot and break up. This part was a little weird. Then she said that I had good ear lobs and that meant that i would buy a house when I was 35.

This whole time she would look at me and then read something off of a computer. So I am pretty convinced that she had a script and was just reading it. Even though my fortune was pretty good I still think that it was a bunch of Hocus Pocus.