Cross Country 2011


So by the title of this post you might be thinking oh this girl is a runner. Well let me start off by saying that I am NOT a runner. I try but the truth is I am no good. Its all right though, I never really wanted to be a runner.

So this whole idea of doing cross country started off last year when me and my friend were trying to think of ways to get into shape for second season sports( she does touch rugby and I do basketball), and since both of our sports require a fair amount of running we decided to run over the summer and then do cross country for first season to get into shape for our second season sports.

Well my summer running did not go to well. I would only go if it was the right time and weather and when i did go i only went for about 15 minutes. I will admit it, i am pretty lazy. But hey it was summer! And it turns out that my friend did not do much running either.

So on the first day of school i showed up to try-outs where my friend was mysteriously missing and we did 5 laps (about 1 mile and a quarter). I thought that i was going to die the whole time. After the try outs i thought that for sure i was not going to make the team. So on the second day of tryouts we all showed up and our coach said that there were going to be no more try outs because he was making no cuts! I was so happy! But then we went on to do 5 more laps.

So as the season went on we continually lost and gained people and our team ended up being 21 girls strong! We had a really good team and it was a lot of fun! But then i started having knee pain and to make a long story short after an MRI the doctor confirmed that i tore my Meniscus. So i started running less and less.

But even though i could not run I still went to practice and helped time girls or stuff like that( i swear that on the day when they were doing speed laps around the track i would get a couple of dirty looks when the girls would pass me and I would yell out times) So I did end up racing 2 races and my final 5K time was 31:27(or close to that). I was pretty happy!

But now 7 of the 21 girls are in Singapore at a big international school competition (IASAS) and I hope that they do well!

Just a side note:

We had the best team cheer ever! We whispered balderdash (because it is a cool word) and we would yell SHARON (because she is our captain)!

(Yes i am the only white girl on the team)


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