Top 10 from 2012


I am a lazy teenager. I know it, and i can admit it. It has been over a year since i have last updated my blog which is pretty pathetic! But hey here i am! The last year has been a crazy and busy, but it was one that i will never forget. So here we go, my top 10 memories from 2012

10. I started out the year in Thailand with a family that I babysit frequently. The trip was a surprise Christmas gift from Santa, and i got to go with them! It was an awesome trip filled with playing on the beach, swimming, visiting aquariums and seeing parts of Bangkok! My favorite part was the elephant riding ūüôā


9. Crazy adventures at school. I know this might sound weird as this sounds some of the best memories that i have from Taiwan have been at school. I love to be involved so i stay generally busy. This past year some that stand out include: Cross Country, Track, Frolic, Free periods with my friends,Fashion shows spirit week, being on Student Government, and all the little memories! I am a total nerd but i like school!

155461_10150841080319739_143718235_n  255536_4656973350174_1954776489_n  543299_3554150260286_1231138194_n  598900_4656982630406_932288433_n

8. Thailand with my family! We flew to Bangkok, and did a few things there. After that, we drove 3 hours north to a little town where we played with tigers and elephants. It was so cool! Next we flew down to Krabi and played on the beach for a week. It was so nice and relaxing. While we were there we played with monkey’s, went on canoe trips and snorkeling trips. Overall it was a very fun trip!

461689_3694513169271_872535176_o  477536_3687666198101_2111003997_o

Here is the video for this trip:


7. Basketball! I have been on two basketball teams this past year and i loved it! My team mates were the best! I have had so many great memories with them.

59064_327944797312616_166837359_n  399279_10200091000225627_1514067261_n  417760_10150573633627964_153190540_n

6. Hong Kong and Kenting. I put these two together because we went with the same family on both of these trips. They were so fun! Kenting is on the southern tip of Taiwan so we drove for about 8 hours to get there. While we were there, we went to the beach, cool look out spots and of course the night market! Hong Kong was over Thanksgiving. We went to Disney land, downtown, the light show, Forever 21, and the temple. It was a very fun trip!


Videos that were made by my dad ūüôā

Hong Kong:

Kenting: (this video was inspired by the “Where in the Hell is Matt videos on youtube)

5. Cambodia Chinese New Year! It was so fun! I love Cambodia. I am now convinced that i am going to move there. For this trip we flew into Bangkok and then drove to Siam Reap. While in Cambodia we went to Angkar Watt and other surrounding temples. My favorite day was the day when we went out into a local village with our guide and just walked around. I had recently received a polariod camera, so we took it and took pictures of the little kids and gave them the photos. The kids were priceless. When we handed them the photos, they would look confused because they were blank, but when the picture began to show, they were so excited! Most of them ran away to show their parents, but a few of them asked us for more. I loved Cambodia!


Here is the video that my dad made:

4. Summer! This summer we went back to Utah! I love going back home! We gorged ourselves with Mexican food, 5 guys and lots of candy. It was so fun seeing my friends and I got my drivers license! Yes i am now a licensed driver!  I cannot drive here in Taiwan, but i can in the state of Utah! Also this summer i got to go to BYU basketball camp and girls camp!

329496_4353325759174_1260582012_o (1)  331695_4353320039031_1377238493_o  411388_4353324399140_719636591_o  621713_4353320359039_446243848_o

3. Indonesia. For Christmas we went to Indonesia and Singapore! This trip was so fun! We started off in Bali where we did a bunch of cultural things (which i loved). Next we went to Jojakarta where we saw ancient temples. After that we flew to the island of Borneo where we lived on a house boat for 5 days and played with Orangutanes! I loved it, but i got bit! Yes it bit me! It was pretty scary but hey at least i have the scar to prove it.

12591_10200246219786019_1836253617_n  71563_10200246237066451_108595576_n  215734_10200246241946573_44956788_n  254617_10200246234386384_473714932_n  537282_10200246256506937_7092331_n

The monkey biting me:

Be Bali day:

2. My friends. I have the best friends that anyone could ask for. This past year we have had so many crazy and exciting memories! I love them to death! Some of the things include: going to night markets, eating lots of food, baking, sleepovers, school dances, going to the beach, and dance daring people in downtown Taipei. Lets just say that we have had a crazy year!

740320_10200286945844145_1654866803_o  403383_3799779240857_1082827227_n  468240_3694517569381_1958984662_o  521663_4821635506625_1471280653_n


1. IB Cambodia Trip.  This was the best experience that anyone could have asked for. I saved for this trip for about 8 months. For this trip i went with a group of 20 students and 4 teachers to Phnom Penh Cambodia. While on this trip we visited many of the museums from the genocide, played with orphans and built 10 houses. I loved this trip. After having been on this trip i have decided that i want to get a nursing degree and then move to Cambodia and help all the little children there. It is basically my dream.

1071_4693793510655_273947380_n  3471_4693871792612_482192643_n  65497_4693791750611_395929224_n  224449_4693765149946_1931997962_n  230957_4693844871939_516208071_n    384183_4693827791512_1367149608_n


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