Monthly Archives: January 2011

My New School


Ok so I am officialy a Taipei American School Tiger! I love Taipei American school( sorry Mountain Ridge). The school is really big and I get lost almost 5 times a day but it is really cool! It is so wierd going from a little Jr. High in Utah to a huge k-12 school! It has 4 floors and about a million staircases! I think i find a new one every day.

So something that I thought was kind of cool is that Taipei American School is really Eco freindly. This pas week every one in the High school got these really nice water bottles! We were told that we could use them whenever and put whatever we wanted in them( then we were told if we brought plastic water bottles we would recieve detention. oh well!) Another ecofriendly thing that they do is when you graduate from the lower school and go into the middle school you have to get a laptop! So that means that we recieve very little paper!

Another cool thing that would never happen in Utah is that there is a swimming pool in school! Not only that but it is on the second floor! It is so cool! I have not been in it yet but, this week in PE we are starting water polo. Which means that every other day we have to get in a swimsuit and play water polo! This will be interesting!